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Arena Animation offers career-building courses in game design and development. The course covers all aspects of game designing & development; from conceptualizing a game idea, game art, development to publishing a game. You would be trained in game production, game pipeline, game architecture, game interface design, etc. to make you a complete job-ready professional who can work for the topmost studios.

With these courses, you will get trained in game art & design, mobile gaming, PC games, immersive design-foundation, immersive design-AR/VR specialization, and video game design. Get the skills at Arena and embrace new-age careers in gaming.

Wondering how to make a game? Arena’s Game Art Program helps you learn the art fundamentals for games along with asset creation pipeline for designing game character concepts, creating game models (character, prop & environment) from those concepts, and for preparing game-ready models with textures. If game designing and development is your passion, then this Game Art program will help you to excel in the gaming industry!

Today’s gamers look not just for a good story and entertaining gameplay, but also stunning game art. With Arena’s career course 3D Digital Game Art & Design, you will understand game mechanics, role of game characters and the process & practices of game level designing. 3D game design is now fun! With this course, you will learn to produce concept designs for game characters & environments, model & digitally sculpt 3D game characters, create game asset textures, learn the process of rigging & animation of game assets and characters, and do character setup in Unreal Game Engine.

Learn game development on the award-winning Unreal Engine used by gaming professionals and studios worldwide to create world’s top games. Learning the fundamentals of game development with this course, using the Unreal Engine, will enable you to build an entire demo game from scratch. This game development course prepares you to create realistic looking environments to stage them inside your games, define custom inputs and movements to control characters, and learn to script logic for your games so you can define gameplay without the knowledge of coding. With this course, you will learn the fundamentals of game development, create games, and run them on Unreal Engine.Unity Game Design Program gives you the insights into how to design games across genres and development platforms. It covers all the basic fundamentals of game design from conceptualising a game idea to finally publishing your game and offering it as a service. Be a 3D game designer with Unity Game Design course, taught by experts at Arena Animation!Game Development Program is customised for those who are interested in designing their own 2D or 3D games with Unity 2D/3D Game Kit or create a prototype of their game design ideas. This game development course does not require any prior knowledge of coding, 2D or 3D and will teach about game development from scratch. AR/VR Game Design at Arena will make your ideas turn into reality.

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